Below are the List Of Akan Clans In Ghana

The eight [Asante] clans are Oyoko, Bretuo, Agona, Asona, Asenie, Aduana, Ekuona, and Asakyiri.

It is said that more people generally belong to [the Asona] clan than to any other clan.

How many clans are in Akan?

The Akan tribe mostly has seven Abusua (Matrilineal clans) in each state.

They do not have the same names in each state but each has an equivalent clan (e.g. in Fante areas along the coast, the Asante clan of Oyoko is referred to as Dehyena or Yokofo).

The Akan clan have a solid conviction that two components make them. These components are Blood and Spirit .These components are gotten from your Father and Mother. Your soul comes from your Father which decides your “Nton” and your blood comes from your mom which decides your “Abusua”. Akans acquire and succeed matrilineal so you are what you mother is.For model if your Mother is from Asona and your Father is from Agona you are from Asona since legacy by Akans is matrilineal. Most groups have towns established by their progenitors so every tribe practices authority over these towns. Bosses for these different towns are chosen from families, that is from the Woman’s family. Kids from the Woman’s side are viewed as royals whiles Children from the Man’s family are not viewed as royals. These different families have their establishing Fathers, Various emblem creatures they use to address them,their method of greetings,their idiosyncrasies among others. We should start with the most impressive among these tribes. It is not necessarily the case that different Clans are not as amazing.

The Oyoko tribe is the family wherein the King of the Asante Monarch His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu ll hails from. This is the group of all Ashanti Kings and the solid hold of the Akan clan. It’s principle town’s are Kumasi and Dwaben. Oyoko family typically don’t intermarry even from various towns and towns. The previously known Oyoko lady was Nana Ekuru who moved from Adansi to get comfortable Asuom. Their emblem creature is the Falcon. The impossible to miss attributes of the Oyoko tribe are Patience,Bravery and Statesmanship. When welcomed their reaction is “Yaa Obiri Nana”. Different towns of the Oyoko family incorporate Kokofu,Bekwae,Mamponten,Bogyaa,Dadieso,Obogu,Atobiase,Pampaso,Kontonase,Kwabere_Kenyase,Sawua,Ahenkro,Adumase,Ohwim,Asankare,Dwansa,Nyaabo,Atweede and Adwumakasekese. Towns having a place with the Adako tribe incorporate Nsuta,Akokofe,Ntonso,Asaman,Adenko_Gyakye and Kontunase.

The Bretuo clan. The Totem image of the Bretuo faction is the Leopard. The curious attributes of Bretuo faction is remarkable boldness and aggressiveness.The Commander of the Asante armed force is the Mampong Hene. It is significant that when the Ashantis battled the Denkyiras it was the Mampong hene who was Commander of the Ashanti Army. When welcomed their reaction is “Yaa etwie Nana”.The originally known precursor of the Bretuo Clan is Nana Asiama Guahyia. Towns of this faction incorporate Gyamaase,Adanse_Ayaase,Adanse_Ahensan,Ofoase,Abootan,Baworo,Kyekyebiase,Asenemanso,Mprem,Adudwam,Donyina,Yonso,Nintin,Tewobaabi,Adibinsokese,Atasemanso,Gyamase_Kyekyewere,Bedomase,Apaa,Domeabra,Agogo_Hwidiem and Adankranya. 

The Agona. The Agona Clan dominatingly involve the Denkyira region. The emblem image of this faction is the Parrot since it is accepted that individuals from this group are smooth. The principal ruler of the Agona Clan is Nana Boa Amponsem I who made the main Akan Empire which generally exchanged gold and Kola nuts.

 Asona clan. The Asona Clan is the greatest tribe among the Akan families since a many individuals have a place this faction is supposed to be “the mother of all the Akan clans”.Oral custom has it that the Asona Clan were driven out of a cavern by a Snake and secured by an Elephant to their different objections in Akyem and Edweso in the Ashanti Region. The initially known Asona lady was Asonaba Nana Ano Boadie who brought forth Nana Ofori Panyin,Nana Nyaako Brae and Nana Abrewaa Dokuaa. Realize that the untouchable of the Asona is the red snake since its presence implies passing in the family. The emblem image of the Asona tribe is the Crow or Wild Boar. Individuals from this family are invested with astuteness.

The Asenie Clan come from Adanse. The previously known lady of the Asenie Clan was Nana Ama Gyata who is said to have risen up out of a cavern at Bona Bon in Adansi. She brought forth Nana Dante and Nana Dufie Gyampontima. The symbol creature of the Asenie group is the Bat. Individuals from Asenie faction are supposed to be conciliatory and extremely fearless.

Aduana Clan as per oral custom are said to have been driven by a canine with fire in it’s mouth. They are famously alluded to as “Ogyaasefuo” which implies relatives of fire. The Totem image of the Aduana group is the Dog and Fire. Individuals from this faction are hardworking,clever and daring. At the point when welcomed individuals from the Aduana group react “Yaa ogyaba”or “yaa Abreade”.It is accepted that the individuals from the Aduana tribe initially came from Asumanya yet they were driven by a canine with fire in it’s mouth and gold in it’s cheeks.

The Ekuona tribe were the primary pioneers in Adansi Fomena. The Ekuona Clan were accepted to be the first among Akans to construct houses as were alluded to as “Adansi fuo”which implies house manufacturers. The Totem image of the Ekuona family is the Buffalo. When welcomed their reaction is ” Yaa doku nana”.The individuals from this families impossible to miss character is uprightness. As per oral custom the Ekuona Clan is supposed to be the tribe to present the “Okyeame” etymologist into the Akan framework where their Chief Nana Awurade Basa of Adanse in the fifteenth century named the principal Okyeame.

The Asakyiri guarantee that they were the first to be made by God .Not much is thought about the Asakyiri group. Since they are not such countless individuals in this clan.



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